This site was started to fulfill two aims. First, to give me a space to share some information, adventures, and ideas regarding stand up paddleboarding (SUP). And second, as a space for me to explore a more creative activity.

The blog posts are a collection of paddles that I have done or plan to do, links to cartographic locations, along with information tips and links to other sites and resources that I found helpful in building my SUP knowledge. Parts of posts are peppered with purposeless popular poetically prosaic prose.

I was born and raised in Squamish, British Columbia, but now reside in Vancouver. Despite growing up in a mecca location of potential paddlesports, I didn’t get introduced to SUP until my mid-20s and have only become an avid paddler in my late 30s. My parents were immigrants to Canada by way of Belgium and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Through family hiking and camping activities, they instilled in me respect and reverence for the natural world. But that was temporarily tapered by my teenage love for basketball. Thankfully, the flame for the natural outdoors was rekindled as my basketball career dwindled after university. Presently my hobby is paddling, and I am spending much of my free time pursuing this newfound passion.

Mon Jef Peeters – Recreational Paddler, Family Man, Physiotherapist, Wanna Be Renaissance Man – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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