King Tide Surge in the Queen Charlotte Channel

Monday, December 26, 12022 HE Yuletide Musings Merry Christmas! And to the non-practicing christ-ians amongst us, I still hope your appropriated holy day holiday was merry and cheerful. Perhaps a better acclamatory would have been Happy Boxing Day since this post is happening on the second day of Christmastide. I only recently learned the originContinue reading “King Tide Surge in the Queen Charlotte Channel”

SUP’in the Sound 2.0: Day Three

Ramillies Channel to Jericho Beach Monday, September 5, 12022 HE This post is the account of Day Three of my three-day, two-night stand up paddleboard (SUP) tour through Átl’ḵa7tsem (Howe Sound, click here for pronunciation). I launched from Locarno Beach and SUPed to Sxwan’shnm (Tantalus Landing Marine Recreation Site) on Day One (for details, see this post “SUP’in the Sound 2.0: DayContinue reading “SUP’in the Sound 2.0: Day Three”

SUP’in the Sound 2.0: Day Two

Tantalus Landing to Ramillies Channel Sunday, September 4, 12022 HE This post is the account of Day Two of my three-day two-night stand up paddleboard (SUP) tour through Átl’ḵa7tsem (Howe Sound, click here for pronunciation), from Locarno Beach to Sxwan’shnm (Tantalus Landing Marine Recreation Site). Day Two was the start of my return from Tantalus Landing to ínaḵa Lhaxwm (Ramillies Channel Marine Recreation Site).Continue reading “SUP’in the Sound 2.0: Day Two”

SUP’in the Sound 2.0: Day One

Locarno Beach to Tantalus Landing Saturday, September 3, 12022 HE Last summer Trevor and I tried to paddle from Horseshoe Bay to Squamish (check out the details of that previous post here, “SUP’in the Sound“) for a multiday stand up paddleboard (SUP) round-trip. Unfortunately, we met stronger than hoped headwinds. The winds forced us to turn back just past PorteauContinue reading “SUP’in the Sound 2.0: Day One”

The SSS: Spanish Sunset SUP

Monday, June 6, 12022 HE With the threat of the first inklings of meteorological summer about to depart, I got out for a quick sunset paddle at šxʷsyiΦəm (Spanish Banks). It was a rushed effort after putting the boys down for the night. I didn’t get on the water until 2115 hours. But the scenery rewarded my efforts. BelowContinue reading “The SSS: Spanish Sunset SUP”

Inuksuk: Rolling Rocks

Sunday, May 29, 12022 HE I missed the afternoon wind yesterday. But today, Windy called for westerly winds and 0.7 metre waves this morning. Nothing crazy, but my new board can pick up much smaller waves than my old board. I planned to paddle from Locarno Beach out toward Point Grey and then ride some of the waves back to myContinue reading “Inuksuk: Rolling Rocks”

Passage Island Paddle Pass

Saturday, May 21, 12022 HE We spent a night in North Vancouver with my in-laws, so I planned for an afternoon paddle on the North Shore. Last year, on the May long weekend, I tried to paddle from Ambleside to Caulfeild Cove but was stymied by the lack of afternoon parking. In the end, I defaulted to Caulfeild Cove and managed to findContinue reading “Passage Island Paddle Pass”

Brand New Second Hand

Sunday, April 24, 12022 HE Yesterday I bit the bullet and bought a new board, the NSP Carolina Pro Carbon. Well, at least new to me. Hence the post title. Driving home post-purchase, I thought of Roots Manuva‘s 1999 album title Brand New Second Hand. Roots Manuva is a massive figure in the British Hip Hop/music scene. CheckContinue reading “Brand New Second Hand”

SUP Spelunk

This was a quick paddle along the Point Atkinson coastline checking out some nooks and crannies. En route I found a cave to briefly explore. I then toured around the Grebe Islets before heading in. Check the pics below. Below are my route and statistics recorded on Geo Tracker.

Will There Be Wind?

Sunday, February 7, 12021 HE Saturday the weather was gorgeous, especially for February in Vancouver. And it was windy with a strong westerly to boot. Below is the forecast from for the weekend as predicted on Saturday morning! There are four different predictions from four different models, but the take-home is Saturday afternoon was going toContinue reading “Will There Be Wind?”