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First recorded in 1995-2000; shortening of weblog

SUP Biomechanics: Hips Volume 1

Anatomy 102 Saturday, January 22, 12022 HE A word of warning. My interest in anatomy started in high school when I got into strength training. Anatomy was then my favourite subject during my undergraduate degree in Human Kinetics. It remained my favourite subject during my Physical Therapy studies. It was still my favourite area of studyContinue reading “SUP Biomechanics: Hips Volume 1”

SUP Biomechanics: Shoulders Volume 2

Anatomy of a Paddle Stroke Monday, January 10, 12022 HE For the backstory to this post, see my first post on biomechanics. And for more background information on general shoulder anatomy and biomechanics, see this post: Shoulders Volume 1. For more of a kinematics-based take on Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) stroke mechanics, check out this excellent video ofContinue reading “SUP Biomechanics: Shoulders Volume 2”

SUP Biomechanics

Friday, December 31, 12021 HE Full disclosure, I am a licensed physical therapist, but the following is purely for informational purposes. For formal guidance concerning your stand up paddleboard (SUP) biomechanics, you should enlist the help of a qualified professional. If you are experiencing pain associated with stand up paddleboarding, you should seek out theContinue reading “SUP Biomechanics”

Instant Camera Telegram

Saturday, December 18, 12021 HE This is a big one for me, a significant change. I am being pulled into the social media vortex. I’m a bit of a technological dinosaur. I didn’t get an email account until I moved away to university in 1999. I got my first cell phone in 2004 after aContinue reading “Instant Camera Telegram”

Fall SUP Fool

Saturday, December 4, 12021 HE It is the astronomical fall but meteorological winter. According to the post below from Environment Canada, meteorological winter is from December 1st until the end of February. In contrast, astronomical winter starts with the winter solstice on December 21st. So, I guess this post could be “Fall SUP Fool” or “Winter SUP Fool.” I decided to go withContinue reading “Fall SUP Fool”

Span-Kit: Quickie

Thursday, December 2, 12021 HE We have had some wild weather in British Columbia of late. A scorching hot summer with the heat dome. And then a recording-breaking amount of rainfall with catastrophic consequences in November. What will December hold? Well, the first day of December was the end of the third atmospheric river in a week. And today, the weather wasContinue reading “Span-Kit: Quickie”

Gambier Gambit: Day Two

Sunday, November 21, 12021 HE If you haven’t already, check out day one here. gam·bier /ˈɡamˌbir/ Learn to pronounce noun an astringent extract of a tropical Asiatic plant, used in tanning. https://languages.oup.com/google-dictionary-en/ gam·bit /ˈɡambət/ Learn to pronounce noun a device, action, or opening remark, typically one entailing a degree of risk, that is calculated toContinue reading “Gambier Gambit: Day Two”


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