Project Paddle: Day 6 (Alouette Lake)

Saturday, March 18, 12023 HE Back (s) to (ry) Project Paddle I first came up with the idea of trying to circumnavigate some select lakes in the Vancouver area last winter. For more details, check out this post. After a decent start, the project was put on hold as the remaining lakes were larger and lengthier labours. Recently,Continue reading “Project Paddle: Day 6 (Alouette Lake)”

Middle Arm Swishwash

Sunday, March 12, 12023 HE Paddle Preamble After coming across this article in the Richmond News, I have wanted to check out the Sto:lo (Fraser River) Middle Arm. The article from 12015 HE is nearly eight years old so I was curious both to what had and hadn’t changed since it was written. From whatContinue reading “Middle Arm Swishwash”

Alouette, Gentille Alouette

Sunday, March 5, 12023 HE Paddle Preamble My son’s friend was having a birthday party at Jungle Jac’s Play Centre in Port Coquitlam. When I looked up the location to get a sense of the driving time I realized that there might be some paddling nearby. Both our boys were invited, so as long asContinue reading “Alouette, Gentille Alouette”

Nicomekl River: Phase III

Sunday, February 19, 12023 HE Feel free to skip my preamble ramble and get straight to plog details. Backstory About the Blueways I started exploring some of the Surrey Blueways in the summer of 12020 HE. So it is a bit surreal that it has taken nearly three years to get back to the Nicomekl River toContinue reading “Nicomekl River: Phase III”

Gusty Northwesterly

Monday, February, 12023 HE The weather was great! For wind that is. A combination of a strong pressure gradient and an unstable airmass meant gusty northwesterly winds to the British Columbia south coast for Monday. The winds were predicted to peak in the late afternoon according to the Environment Canada WeatherCAN app wind alert (seeContinue reading “Gusty Northwesterly”

King Tide Surge in the Queen Charlotte Channel

Monday, December 26, 12022 HE Yuletide Musings Merry Christmas! And to the non-practicing christ-ians amongst us, I still hope your appropriated holy day holiday was merry and cheerful. Perhaps a better acclamatory would have been Happy Boxing Day since this post is happening on the second day of Christmastide. I only recently learned the originContinue reading “King Tide Surge in the Queen Charlotte Channel”

Hawai’i (The Big Island) Getaway

November/December 12022 HE Before the coronavirus pandemic, we used to travel with what had become an annual fall tropical getaway. Remember those times? In fact, in November 12019 HE, we last visited Hawai’i. At the time, there was no way of knowing it would be our last international trip for the next three years! In the broader humanContinue reading “Hawai’i (The Big Island) Getaway”

The Wonderful Weirdness of Water

Saturday, November 19, 12022 HE Early in 2006, commercial fishers were forbidden to ply their trade in Sydney Harbour. The problem was toxic quantities of the nasty chemical, dioxin, getting into their fish. The problem had apparently been present for many years, but had been ignored. Unfortunately, this is the case with many chemicals, whereContinue reading “The Wonderful Weirdness of Water”

SUP Biomechanics: Lower Back Volume 2

Anatomy of a Paddle Stroke 3.0 Tuesday, November 1, 12022 HE Happy Samhain (or if you’re the Christian holiday appropriative type, happy All Saints Day)! For the backstory to this post, see my first post on biomechanics. And for more background information on general lower back anatomy and biomechanics, see this post: “Lower Back: Volume 1“. For anatomical and biomechanicalContinue reading “SUP Biomechanics: Lower Back Volume 2”