Ansell Point to Finisterre Island

Sunday, July 4, 12021 HE As I sit down to write this I noticed a strange coincidence. Last year on July 4, I paddle to Bowyer Island. And this year I did again. Strange and completely unplanned. I still have my eyes set on an overnight trip to Gambier Island but the stars have yet to align for me, with weather andContinue reading “Ansell Point to Finisterre Island”

Hicks Lake Sasquatch Provincial Park

Friday, July 2, 12021 HE We are on a family camping trip in Sasquatch Provincial Park, the ancestral lands of the Nłeʔkepmx Tmíxʷ, the Coast Salish, and the S’ólh Téméxw peoples, with the Lee’s and the McLean’s. We are camping at the Bench Campground near Deer Lake. I circumnavigated Deer Lake yesterday morning. And then in the late morning, we did a family trip to HicksContinue reading “Hicks Lake Sasquatch Provincial Park”

Deer Lake Sasquatch Provincial Park

Thursday, July 1, 12021 HE Happy Canada Da…. or wait. Depends on what side of history you are on. If you are not of the first peoples to have colonized the Americas, and here I mean colonize in the general sense of a group of people leaving their homeland in search of another place to inhabit. Not,Continue reading “Deer Lake Sasquatch Provincial Park”

Epic Sunday

Sunday, June 20, 12021 HE ep·icadjective noting or pertaining to a long poetic composition, usually centered upon a hero, in which a series of great achievements or events is narrated in elevated style:Homer’s Iliad is an epic poem. Source: Okay so maybe epic is a bit bold of use of the term. Though if you takeContinue reading “Epic Sunday”

Span-Kit Downwinder

Saturday, April 10, 12021 HE The forecast was calling for a westerly wind with some waves in the bay! We had an outdoor birthday party to attend in the morning at Cates Park in North Vancouver. So I was keen to do some market research for what the afternoon waters might look like further outContinue reading “Span-Kit Downwinder”

Pacific Cold Front Downwinder

Sunday, March 28, 12021 HE I had been eyeing the weekend weather forecast for a few days. My question was which days would I be able to get out for a paddle. In my mind, I had concluded that a Saturday Monday split would work best despite Sunday having the strongest winds. But with theContinue reading “Pacific Cold Front Downwinder”

Cringing Camera Creations

Saturday, March 27, 12021 HE I missed getting out for a maiden voyage with Wil yesterday morning. But I was inspired to get out this morning. So was Wil, but unfortunately my hall pass was earlier than his. I decided to launch from Locarno Beach and head east. There was an easterly wind that was forecasted toContinue reading “Cringing Camera Creations”

Hyperlapse Downwind

Monday, March 22, 12021 HE I have been thinking about getting a camera for my paddleboard for some time now. Generally, I just pack my cell phone inside a waist dry bag so that I have it for easy access. But a nice to have (definitely not a need to have) accessory would be a camera mountedContinue reading “Hyperlapse Downwind”

Jug Island Deep Cove

Saturday, March 13, 12021 HE I was able to get away for a paddle so I decided to check out Indian Arm again. Some of the very first paddlings that I ever did was in Indian Arm years ago. My wife and I rented a kayak from Cates Park Paddling Centre and paddle up the fjord to the IndianContinue reading “Jug Island Deep Cove”

Fancy Flatwater Footwork

Monday, February 8, 12021 HE My downwinding experience yesterday confirmed what I already knew about my footwork on my board. It needs work. The highlighting of my lack of comfort to move forward and backward and more particularly my complete unwillingness to cross-step yesterday provided the needed motivation to change this. I’ve known for some time thatContinue reading “Fancy Flatwater Footwork”