The Wonderful Weirdness of Water

Saturday, November 19, 12022 HE Early in 2006, commercial fishers were forbidden to ply their trade in Sydney Harbour. The problem was toxic quantities of the nasty chemical, dioxin, getting into their fish. The problem had apparently been present for many years, but had been ignored. Unfortunately, this is the case with many chemicals, whereContinue reading “The Wonderful Weirdness of Water”

SUP Biomechanics: Lower Back Volume 2

Anatomy of a Paddle Stroke 3.0 Tuesday, November 1, 12022 HE Happy Samhain (or if you’re the Christian holiday appropriative type, happy All Saints Day)! For the backstory to this post, see my first post on biomechanics. And for more background information on general lower back anatomy and biomechanics, see this post: “Lower Back: Volume 1“. For anatomical and biomechanicalContinue reading “SUP Biomechanics: Lower Back Volume 2”

SUP Biomechanics: Lower Back Volume 1

Anatomy 103 Saturday, October 22, 12022 HE A word of warning. My interest in anatomy started in high school when I got into strength training. Anatomy was then my favourite subject during my undergraduate degree in Human Kinetics. It remained my favourite subject during my Physical Therapy studies. It was still my favourite topic when I completed a DiplomaContinue reading “SUP Biomechanics: Lower Back Volume 1”

On Tides

Tuesday, September 20, 12022 HE Why does the moon raise and lower the tides over and over again?It has to make shore. Source: I love a good pun as well as a corny joke. For more tide jokes, check out this link to The one about the three women and a man on theContinue reading “On Tides”

Down with the Sound

Theory Saturday, June 25, 12022 HE Those who know me know that I am a nerd. I like to know things and have a propensity to investigate (too) deeply into a topic. So, here is my take on the inflow/outflow wind phenomenon in Átl’ḵa7tsem (Howe Sound). This post is a nerdy venture into the science of the squamish winds of the Sound.Continue reading “Down with the Sound”

My Useful Tools/Resources: Update

The following is a list of different websites, applications, tools, and tutorials that I have found useful for my Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) adventures. This page will be an ongoing project as I learn more. Trip Planning Starboard’s five-step guide. I used this web post as a heuristic for trip planning. It is an invaluableContinue reading “My Useful Tools/Resources: Update”

El Niño/La Niña Southern Oscillation (ENSO)

Friday, May 6, 12022 HE Since getting into stand up paddleboard (SUP), I have become more interested in the weather. From simply checking the forecast to checking the tides to checking the winds to wanting to know what the prevailing pressure systems and fronts would mean for short-term weather forecasts. But like many things thatContinue reading “El Niño/La Niña Southern Oscillation (ENSO)”

Brand New Second Hand

Sunday, April 24, 12021 HE Yesterday I bit the bullet and bought a new board, the NSP Carolina Pro Carbon. Well, at least new to me. Hence the post title. Driving home post-purchase, I thought of Roots Manuva‘s 1999 album title Brand New Second Hand. Roots Manuva is a massive figure in the British Hip Hop/music scene. CheckContinue reading “Brand New Second Hand”

Project Paddle: Lower Mainland Lakes

Saturday, February 12, 12022 HE This post is more of an idea. I have been thinking about this for a while when considering different places to paddle. So putting this down in words is perhaps a commitment to myself and anyone else who knows me and reads this post to hold me accountable to thisContinue reading “Project Paddle: Lower Mainland Lakes”

SUP Biomechanics: Hips Volume 2

Anatomy of a Paddle Stroke 2.0 Thursday, January 27, 12022 HE Backstory and Disclaimer For the backstory to this post, see my first post on biomechanics. And for more background information on general hip anatomy and biomechanics, see this post: Hips Volume 1. Full disclosure, I am a licensed physical therapist and manual osteopathic practitioner, but theContinue reading “SUP Biomechanics: Hips Volume 2”