Spanish Sunset SUP

Monday, June 6, 12022 HE With the threat of the first inklings of meteorological summer about to depart, I got out for a quick sunset paddle at šxʷsyiΦəm (Spanish Banks). It was a rushed effort after putting the boys down for the night. I didn’t get on the water until 2115. But the scenery rewarded my efforts. Below isContinue reading “Spanish Sunset SUP”

Span-Kit: Quickie

Thursday, December 2, 12021 HE We have had some wild weather in British Columbia of late. A scorching hot summer with the heat dome. And then a recording-breaking amount of rainfall with catastrophic consequences in November. What will December hold? Well, the first day of December was the end of the third atmospheric river in a week. And today, the weather wasContinue reading “Span-Kit: Quickie”

What’S up Fool

Monday October 18, 12021 HE My YouTube feed prompted me with this “rapid crossbow turn” by Yehor Tarasko. Ever since seeing it, I have wanted to get out on the water and give it a try. Today was the day to make that happen. And at the same time, it would give me a chance to challenge myselfContinue reading “What’S up Fool”

Share the Stoke

Sunday October 3, 12021 HE Several of my colleagues have paddleboards, so we decided to do an “F-T-T” (Fit To Train) paddle session. Fit To Paddle. I have two paddleboards, as does Aieisha. So there was room for two additional paddlers. Though, only one non-paddleboard owner stepped up to the plate. You know who theContinue reading “Share the Stoke”

Political Paddle Prose

Saturday September 25, 12021 HE Today was my first fall paddle of the year after we passed the September Equinox. Equinox comes from the Latin words aequi, which means “equal,” and nox, which means “night.” Though, it is a bit of a misnomer since the Equinox does not coincide with the equal duration of night and day. Despite the change inContinue reading “Political Paddle Prose”

Span-Kit Downwinder – Short

Sunday, August 22, 12021 HE It seems I capitalised on the change in weather from our last heatwave to the mini-fall window and then back to summer. Looking ahead at the forecast earlier in the week, I could see that predicted favourable winds for a Span-Kit downwinder. A front was bringing a westerly wind, and with itContinue reading “Span-Kit Downwinder – Short”

International Twilight Space Paddle

Sunday, July 18, 12021 HE Last year before the pandemic was declared we went to the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre. At one of the presentations, the presenter mentioned that you can see the International Space Station (ISS) with the naked eye. And the sighting times can be found on the Spot the Station website. Shortly after that visit, I wasContinue reading “International Twilight Space Paddle”


Sunday, June 27, 12021 HE The call-out came for the final week of the virtual Tuesday Night Race (vTNR) series being put on by Coast Outdoors through Deep Cove Kayak. Here is a general overview of the event. With the changes in pandemic restrictions, the vTNR is ending and the event will shift back to its historic live format. I am sadContinue reading “vTNR#11”

Epic Sunday

Sunday, June 20, 12021 HE ep·ic adjective noting or pertaining to a long poetic composition, usually centered upon a hero, in which a series of great achievements or events is narrated in elevated style:Homer’s Iliad is an epic poem. Source: Okay so maybe epic is a bit bold of use of the term. Though if youContinue reading “Epic Sunday”

Northshore Burrard Inlet

Saturday, June 12, 12021 HE We did a family visit to North Vancouver to visit with the boys’ grandparents. The forecast was calling for sun in the afternoon, but I was pleasantly surprised, as were many people, but the amount of sun and warmth that we received. After my frustration with trying to get a parking spot lastContinue reading “Northshore Burrard Inlet”