What’S up Fool

Monday October 18, 12021 HE My YouTube feed prompted me with this “rapid crossbow turn” by Sebastian Pereiro. Ever since seeing it, I have wanted to get out on the water and give it a try. Today was the day to make that happen. And at the same time, it would give me a chance to challenge myselfContinue reading “What’S up Fool”


Sunday, June 27, 12021 HE The call-out came for the final week of the virtual Tuesday Night Race (vTNR) series being put on by Coast Outdoors through Deep Cove Kayak. Here is a general overview of the event. With the changes in pandemic restrictions, the vTNR is ending and the event will shift back to its historic live format. I am sadContinue reading “vTNR#11”

Camping Paddle Recon

Sunday, May 16, 12021 HE I am one step closer to my spring/summer goal of SUP touring and camping. With the better weather upon us, I am yearning to go explore and camp on my paddleboard. Or at least I think I am. I’ve never done it before. Though I have done a canoe tripContinue reading “Camping Paddle Recon”

Day and Night: Pink Supermoon!

Monday, April 26, 12021 HE I felt very fortunate to be getting out for a morning paddle after already having a paddle session on Saturday. There was a Vancouver School Board professional development day for my oldest son and my wife had taken the day off so that we could have a family day. WeContinue reading “Day and Night: Pink Supermoon!”

Cringing Camera Creations

Saturday, March 27, 12021 HE I missed getting out for a maiden voyage with Wil yesterday morning. But I was inspired to get out this morning. So was Wil, but unfortunately my hall pass was earlier than his. I decided to launch from Locarno Beach and head east. There was an easterly wind that was forecasted toContinue reading “Cringing Camera Creations”