Cringing Camera Creations

Saturday, March 27, 12021 HE I missed getting out for a maiden voyage with Wil yesterday morning. But I was inspired to get out this morning. So was Wil, but unfortunately my hall pass was earlier than his. I decided to launch from Locarno Beach and head east. There was an easterly wind that was forecasted toContinue reading “Cringing Camera Creations”

Fancy Flatwater Footwork

Monday, February 8, 12021 HE My downwinding experience yesterday confirmed what I already knew about my footwork on my board. It needs work. The highlighting of my lack of comfort to move forward and backward and more particularly my complete unwillingness to cross-step yesterday provided the needed motivation to change this. I’ve known for some time thatContinue reading “Fancy Flatwater Footwork”

Polar Bear Paddle 12021!

Friday, January 1, 12021 HE Thank you Peter for pushing for a polar bear paddle! It was not exactly polar conditions out, nor did either of us go in the water, but it was the first day of 12021 (human era, see the video below for the explanation)! And what a great way to ringContinue reading “Polar Bear Paddle 12021!”