Fancy Flatwater Footwork

Monday, February 8, 12021 HE My downwinding experience yesterday confirmed what I already knew about my footwork on my board. It needs work. The highlighting of my lack of comfort to move forward and backward and more particularly my complete unwillingness to cross-step yesterday provided the needed motivation to change this. I’ve known for some time thatContinue reading “Fancy Flatwater Footwork”

Jericho Upwinder/Downwinder 2.0

Saturday, January 30, 12021 HE My original plan was to get out for an early morning twilight/sunrise paddle. A rough night of family sleep kiboshed that plan. But I was able to get out in the afternoon and perhaps it was the water gods working their magic. When I arrived at the Jericho Beach Parking LotContinue reading “Jericho Upwinder/Downwinder 2.0”

Janus: Gateway to the Morning

Sunday, January 10, 12021 HE Well, it is January and the days are short. In the summer it was so easy to get out early for a paddle but I have been reluctant to go early in the winter for good reason. Cold. Poor visibility both for me and for others. But in the spiritContinue reading “Janus: Gateway to the Morning”

First Paddle of 2020

Friday, April 24, 2020 So I am not working and have a little bit more energy and free time on my hands. I decide to break out the inflatable SUP (Blackfin Model XL) that my wife got me last summer for my birthday. I used it once after getting it but then the weather becameContinue reading “First Paddle of 2020”

Introducing I SUP Explore

A few weeks ago while doing a solo paddle down the Fraser River I came up with the idea of starting a blog. It is something that I had been mulling around in my head for some time in various forms but I had never had a topic that I felt was worth sharing. TheContinue reading “Introducing I SUP Explore”