Sunday, June 13, 12021 HE It is week ten of the virtual Tuesday Night Race (vTNR) series being put on by Coast Outdoors through Deep Cove Kayak. Here is a general overview of the event. This week had a live course again on Tuesday night, but I was not able to make it. Fortunately, they are still running the event virtually. HereContinue reading “vTNR#10”

Vanier Park ‘Hosedown’

Monday, March 8, 12021 HE The weather was great! A sign of the pending season change. After some quick morning errands, I was able to get out on the water. There was a bit of a westerly wind with the tide going out so I decided to paddle from Vanier Park. This would give me theContinue reading “Vanier Park ‘Hosedown’”

Slhx̱í7lsh (Standing Man) Rock 2.0

Saturday, February 27, 12021 HE With the clear skies, I decided to do another trip out to Slhx̱í7lsh (Standing Man) Rock. I did the same paddle last week with overcast skies. The moon was out and full so I ended up seeing the moonset and sunrise. While out on the water in the crisp morning air on a peacefulContinue reading “Slhx̱í7lsh (Standing Man) Rock 2.0”

Slhx̱í7lsh (Standing Man) Rock 1.0

Sunday, February 21, 12021 HE I took advantage of the lengthening days and paddled from Vanier Park to Slhx̱í7lsh (Standing Man) rock. This the essentially the northernmost point that you can paddle to before the restricted seaway leading to the Port of Vancouver. I was informed of this last summer when I errantly paddled in the area. Slhx̱í7lsh or “standing man” is the translationContinue reading “Slhx̱í7lsh (Standing Man) Rock 1.0”

Downwinder 2.0: Spanish Banks to Vanier Park

Monday, November 30, 2020 After a light taste of downwinding two weeks ago I have been watching the winds on windy.com incessantly. This is despite having set up alerts. So I was super stoked when I received notice that my “alert” conditions had been met. A Pacific frontal system was coming and bringing wind warningsContinue reading “Downwinder 2.0: Spanish Banks to Vanier Park”

First Paddle of 2020

Friday, April 24, 2020 So I am not working and have a little bit more energy and free time on my hands. I decide to break out the inflatable SUP (Blackfin Model XL) that my wife got me last summer for my birthday. I used it once after getting it but then the weather becameContinue reading “First Paddle of 2020”