Sunday, June 6, 12021 HE There was a bit of wind and swell forecasted for the evening. I sent out some feelers to see if anyone was available in the evening when the wind would be at its strongest. Trevor got back to me and he was keen. I kept an eye on the conditionsContinue reading “Upwind/Dowwind/Evo”

Canoe Kayak Conundrum

Saturday, May 22, 12021 HE We were heading over to North Vancouver for the day so I planned to paddle at Ambleside in the afternoon. When I got there, as to be expected on a fair-weathered day for the May long weekend the parking lot was packed. I did spot a few spots on Bellevue Avenue but they were parallel parkingContinue reading “Canoe Kayak Conundrum”

Cringing Camera Creations

Saturday, March 27, 12021 HE I missed getting out for a maiden voyage with Wil yesterday morning. But I was inspired to get out this morning. So was Wil, but unfortunately my hall pass was earlier than his. I decided to launch from Locarno Beach and head east. There was an easterly wind that was forecasted toContinue reading “Cringing Camera Creations”

Hyperlapse Downwind

Monday, March 22, 12021 HE I have been thinking about getting a camera for my paddleboard for some time now. Generally, I just pack my cell phone inside a waist dry bag so that I have it for easy access. But a nice to have (definitely not a need to have) accessory would be a camera mountedContinue reading “Hyperlapse Downwind”

Will There Be Wind?

Sunday, February 7, 12021 HE Saturday the weather was gorgeous, especially for February in Vancouver. And it was windy with a strong westerly to boot. Below is the forecast from Windy.com for the weekend as predicted on Saturday morning! There are four different predictions from four different models, but the take-home is Saturday afternoon was going toContinue reading “Will There Be Wind?”

Rolling on the River

Sunday, January 17, 12021 HE The forecast for the weekend looked like there would be a bit of onshore wind in Burrard Inlet. I sent some feelers out to my paddling chat group, which is now on Signal. Previously our group was on WhatsApp. I am super stoked on Signal as I am not a fan of givingContinue reading “Rolling on the River”

Boundary Bay 2.0: Crescent Beach to Delta

Monday, January 11, 12021 HE There is a storm approaching and the wind was looking like it may work out for a downwind paddle in Boundary Bay. The winds were southeasterly so I planned to cross from Kwomais Point through Mud Bay to Delta. This is essentially the reverse direction that Trevor and I paddled through Boundary Bay on December 20th.Continue reading “Boundary Bay 2.0: Crescent Beach to Delta”

Downwinder 2.0: Spanish Banks to Vanier Park

Monday, November 30, 2020 After a light taste of downwinding two weeks ago I have been watching the winds on windy.com incessantly. This is despite having set up alerts. So I was super stoked when I received notice that my “alert” conditions had been met. A Pacific frontal system was coming and bringing wind warningsContinue reading “Downwinder 2.0: Spanish Banks to Vanier Park”

Porteau Cove to Britannia Beach (well kind of…)

Monday, July 13, 2020 It was an early morning wake up to be on the water at a decent time. This way I would be back relatively early to have some family time. My plan was to get to Britannia Beach, but I was willing to settle for Furry Creek. There was more wind than I anticipatedContinue reading “Porteau Cove to Britannia Beach (well kind of…)”