Will There Be Wind?

Sunday, February 7, 12021 HE Saturday the weather was gorgeous, especially for February in Vancouver. And it was windy with a strong westerly to boot. Below is the forecast from Windy.com for the weekend as predicted on Saturday morning! There are four different predictions from four different models, but the take-home is Saturday afternoon was going toContinue reading “Will There Be Wind?”

Jericho Upwinder/Downwinder 2.0

Saturday, January 30, 12021 HE My original plan was to get out for an early morning twilight/sunrise paddle. A rough night of family sleep kiboshed that plan. But I was able to get out in the afternoon and perhaps it was the water gods working their magic. When I arrived at the Jericho Beach Parking LotContinue reading “Jericho Upwinder/Downwinder 2.0”

Jericho Upwinder/Downwinder

Saturday, December 19, 2020 Conditions were not ideal in any sense of the word today. I didn’t have a paddling partner, the wind was medium, and it was raining. But I did have a green light to go out for an afternoon paddle as our boys were preoccupied with two brand new kittens. I hadContinue reading “Jericho Upwinder/Downwinder”