Canoe Kayak Conundrum

Saturday, May 22, 12021 HE We were heading over to North Vancouver for the day so I planned to paddle at Ambleside in the afternoon. When I got there, as to be expected on a fair-weathered day for the May long weekend the parking lot was packed. I did spot a few spots on Bellevue Avenue but they were parallel parkingContinue reading “Canoe Kayak Conundrum”

Will There Be Wind?

Sunday, February 7, 12021 HE Saturday the weather was gorgeous, especially for February in Vancouver. And it was windy with a strong westerly to boot. Below is the forecast from for the weekend as predicted on Saturday morning! There are four different predictions from four different models, but the take-home is Saturday afternoon was going toContinue reading “Will There Be Wind?”

First Real Downwinder

Saturday, November 14, 2020 Back on July 13, 2020, I attempted to SUP from Porteau Cove north towards Britannia Beach. I had done, what I thought was at the time, a fair amount of planning and research but my eagerness was no substitute for my lack of experience (and knowledge). Fortunately, the consequence of myContinue reading “First Real Downwinder”