Sunday, June 6, 12021 HE There was a bit of wind and swell forecasted for the evening. I sent out some feelers to see if anyone was available in the evening when the wind would be at its strongest. Trevor got back to me and he was keen. I kept an eye on the conditionsContinue reading “Upwind/Dowwind/Evo”

Hyperlapse Downwind

Monday, March 22, 12021 HE I have been thinking about getting a camera for my paddleboard for some time now. Generally, I just pack my cell phone inside a waist dry bag so that I have it for easy access. But a nice to have (definitely not a need to have) accessory would be a camera mountedContinue reading “Hyperlapse Downwind”

Jericho Upwinder/Downwinder 2.0

Saturday, January 30, 12021 HE My original plan was to get out for an early morning twilight/sunrise paddle. A rough night of family sleep kiboshed that plan. But I was able to get out in the afternoon and perhaps it was the water gods working their magic. When I arrived at the Jericho Beach Parking LotContinue reading “Jericho Upwinder/Downwinder 2.0”