Cringing Camera Creations

Saturday, March 27, 12021 HE

I missed getting out for a maiden voyage with Wil yesterday morning. But I was inspired to get out this morning. So was Wil, but unfortunately my hall pass was earlier than his.

I decided to launch from Locarno Beach and head east. There was an easterly wind that was forecasted to increase throughout the morning. I could paddle upwind and then paddle back with a bit of extra push. Also, I thought it might be cool to try to capture a time-lapse of the rising sun. Though the clouds had a slightly different plan in store for me.

I was a bit later getting out on the water than I had anticipated. There was a group of two SUPers and a kayaker that were getting ready to head out just ahead of me. They had a lot of bags so I figured they were heading off on a tour somewhere.

The clouds were quite pleasant looking. Below is a hyperlapse video heading towards the eastern rising sun. I still need to work on the time-lapse settings. Or maybe time-lapse footage from a board is just that nauseating! If you are prone to motion sickness check out the regular speed video below or the still shots.

Time-lapse video paddling towards the rising cloud covered sun. Music is “Everywhere” performed by Fleetwood Mac.

Here is a fun shot from the mess of my hyperlapse trials. I am heading east towards downtown Vancouver in Burrard Inlet.

A moment in time.

And a calmer section of the water with the Vancouver cityscape silhouetted.

Silhouette of Vancouver’s cityscape.

The video (regular speed) below starts with an upwind paddle towards Vancouver before I turn around and head back towards Locarno Beach. You can see where the water changes and the waves start to take form at around 00:01:05 in the video. Vancouver’s Spanish Banks on the Point Grey outcrop is the land visible in the distance.

Paddling east upwind and then west downwind.

And if you are not vomiting already and still reading you can watch this hyperlapse as I start upwind and then turn and paddle downwind for a couple of laps. I swear it is much more calm and steady on the water.

Time-lapse video paddling upwind and then downwind. Music is “Runnin’ Down a Dream” performed by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

By the end of my session, there was a decent amount of wind (around 10 knots) churning up some small wind rollers. So I decided to kill some time and work on turns and trimming my board with cross-steps as I waited for Wil. I did a series of short upwind/downwind runs.

I found out later, that we just missed each other. Next time.

My Route

Screenshot of Google Fit activity tracker.

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