First Paddle of 2020

Friday, April 24, 2020

So I am not working and have a little bit more energy and free time on my hands. I decide to break out the inflatable SUP (Blackfin Model XL) that my wife got me last summer for my birthday. I used it once after getting it but then the weather became too inhospitable (i.e. I became too afraid of the cold as I am generally a fair-weather activity person). I did use it a tonne on a trip to Big Island, Hawaii in November 2019 but then it was in storage for the winter. I decided it would be a good idea to start in some calm local waters so I did a little trip through False Creek. Ironically the first time that I ever did SUP was in False Creek years ago (circa 2009/10). We rented boards from a shop in Granville Island and paddled out around Vanier Park for some beverages on boards in the sun.

This was the route that I took. I am not sure what happened at the start of the GPS recording. My signal must have run into some interference.

My Route

Screenshot of Google Fit activity tracker showing route from the Vanier Park public dock through False Creek.

This was a fun time and could be a nice pandemic past-time.

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