Introducing I SUP Explore

A few weeks ago while doing a solo paddle down the Fraser River I came up with the idea of starting a blog. It is something that I had been mulling around in my head for some time in various forms but I had never had a topic that I felt was worth sharing. The closest thing that I have done to a blog prior to this was a private diary that I wrote for my children during their first few years of life. I wrote from a first-person perspective about their life achievements to date with the goal of having something fun to look back on to help remember those amazing moments where the mundane became magnificent. I only shared it with family and even then I don’t think many of them read it. I guess my long-term goal was to have something to revisit and relive those moments after a few years time when the memories have faded away.

Perhaps this project is an attempt to recapture that creative feeling that I had narrating my children’s experiences once again. The other impetus is that I am nearing the end of an academic thesis so I anticipate that there will be a little more free time on the horizon and an absence of writing in my near future. This project will allow me to continue to write and research, which I did actually enjoy throughout my thesis project, but with the added benefit of no constraints on the style, topics, or content. Here I will share some of the paddling adventures that I partake in ranging from the mundane to the magnificent. My hope is also to create a resource for other paddlers to take part in to learn and share as a community. We will see where that aspect of the project gets too. If all else fails, this too will serve as a memory aid for me to revisit some of my paddling experiences down the road when the memories have started to fade away.

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