SUP’in the Sound 2.0: Day Three

Ramillies Channel to Jericho Beach Monday, September 5, 12022 HE This post is the account of Day Three of my three-day, two-night stand up paddleboard (SUP) tour through Átl’ḵa7tsem (Howe Sound, click here for pronunciation). I launched from Locarno Beach and SUPed to Sxwan’shnm (Tantalus Landing Marine Recreation Site) on Day One (for details, see this post “SUP’in the Sound 2.0: DayContinue reading “SUP’in the Sound 2.0: Day Three”

SUP’in the Sound 2.0: Day Two

Tantalus Landing to Ramillies Channel Sunday, September 4, 12022 HE This post is the account of Day Two of my three-day two-night stand up paddleboard (SUP) tour through Átl’ḵa7tsem (Howe Sound, click here for pronunciation), from Locarno Beach to Sxwan’shnm (Tantalus Landing Marine Recreation Site). Day Two was the start of my return from Tantalus Landing to ínaḵa Lhaxwm (Ramillies Channel Marine Recreation Site).Continue reading “SUP’in the Sound 2.0: Day Two”

SUP’in the Sound 2.0: Day One

Locarno Beach to Tantalus Landing Saturday, September 3, 12022 HE Last summer Trevor and I tried to paddle from Horseshoe Bay to Squamish (check out the details of that previous post here, “SUP’in the Sound“) for a multiday stand up paddleboard (SUP) round-trip. Unfortunately, we met stronger-than-hoped headwinds. The winds forced us to turn back just past Porteau Cove. TheContinue reading “SUP’in the Sound 2.0: Day One”

Project Paddle: Day 2 (Deer Lake)

Monday, February 28, 12022 HE Today was day two of Project Paddle, an attempt to circumnavigate some select lakes in the Vancouver area. For the backstory and relevant details, check out this post. After tackling Burnaby Lake just over two weeks ago, it was high time to get another lake under my board. Today’s paddle was Deer Lake, just across Highway 1 from Burnaby Lake.Continue reading “Project Paddle: Day 2 (Deer Lake)”

Project Paddle: Day 1 (Burnaby Lake)

Sunday, February 13, 12022 HE I came up with the idea of trying to circumnavigate some select lakes in the Vancouver area. For more details, check out this post. The first lake that I decided to tackle was Burnaby Lake. It is one that I have paddled on before, but I have never tried to circumnavigate it. So, itContinue reading “Project Paddle: Day 1 (Burnaby Lake)”

Project Paddle: Lower Mainland Lakes

Saturday, February 12, 12022 HE This post is more of an idea. I have been thinking about this for a while when considering different places to paddle. So putting this down in words is perhaps a commitment to myself and anyone else who knows me and reads this post to hold me accountable to thisContinue reading “Project Paddle: Lower Mainland Lakes”

SUP’in the Sound

Saturday, September 4, 12021 HE The Sea to Sky Marine Trail Introduction/Inspiration This trip was the culmination of many separate but intertwined threads. Here are some of those distinct but related experiences. A childhood growing up in Squamish. My parents’ passion for nature and taking us on summer hiking and camping trips. A canoe trip around BowronContinue reading “SUP’in the Sound”

Shh…Hutt Island: Bowen Island Circumnavigation, Day 2

Sunday, July 25, 12021 HE For day one of my trip and the backstory, see here. Below is a virtual recreation of the route I paddled on day two to give you an overview of the blog post. I used Google Maps, Google Earth Studio, and OpenShot Video Editor to create the virtual tour. You canContinue reading “Shh…Hutt Island: Bowen Island Circumnavigation, Day 2”

Camping Paddle Recon

Sunday, May 16, 12021 HE I am one step closer to my spring/summer goal of SUP touring and camping. With the better weather upon us, I am yearning to go explore and camp on my paddleboard. Or at least I think I am. I’ve never done it before. Though I have done a canoe tripContinue reading “Camping Paddle Recon”