Səl̓ilw̓ət SUP to Thywates Landing

Saturday, May 13, 12023 Human Era (HE) Common Interests, Common People A few years ago while researching for stand up paddleboarding (SUP) destination ideas, I came across the Outdoor Family Blog. It is written by a local Vancouverite who was covering similar content to my blog. Naturally, I scoured his paddle posts for relevant information.Continue reading “Səl̓ilw̓ət SUP to Thywates Landing”

Middle Arm Swishwash

Sunday, March 12, 12023 Human Era (HE) Paddle Preamble After coming across this article in the Richmond News, I have wanted to check out the Sto:lo (Fraser River) Middle Arm. The article from 12015 HE is nearly eight years old so I was curious both to what had and hadn’t changed since it was written.Continue reading “Middle Arm Swishwash”

Alouette, Gentille Alouette

Sunday, March 5, 12023 Human Era (HE) Paddle Preamble My son’s friend was having a birthday party at Jungle Jac’s Play Centre in Port Coquitlam. When I looked up the location to get a sense of the driving time I realized that there might be some paddling nearby. Both our boys were invited, so asContinue reading “Alouette, Gentille Alouette”

Nicomekl River: Phase III

Sunday, February 19, 12023 Human Era (HE) Feel free to skip my preamble ramble and get straight to the plog details. Backstory About the Blueways I started exploring some of the Surrey Blueways in the summer of 12020 HE. So it is a bit surreal that it has taken nearly three years to get back to theContinue reading “Nicomekl River: Phase III”

SUP’in the Sound 2.0: Day Three

Ramillies Channel to Jericho Beach Monday, September 5, 12022 HE This post is the account of Day Three of my three-day, two-night stand up paddleboard (SUP) tour through Átl’ḵa7tsem (Howe Sound, click here for pronunciation). I launched from Locarno Beach and SUPed to Sxwan’shnm (Tantalus Landing Marine Recreation Site) on Day One (for details, see this post “SUP’in the Sound 2.0: DayContinue reading “SUP’in the Sound 2.0: Day Three”

SUP’in the Sound 2.0: Day Two

Tantalus Landing to Ramillies Channel Sunday, September 4, 12022 HE This post is the account of Day Two of my three-day two-night stand up paddleboard (SUP) tour through Átl’ḵa7tsem (Howe Sound, click here for pronunciation), from Locarno Beach to Sxwan’shnm (Tantalus Landing Marine Recreation Site). Day Two was the start of my return from Tantalus Landing to ínaḵa Lhaxwm (Ramillies Channel Marine Recreation Site).Continue reading “SUP’in the Sound 2.0: Day Two”

SUP’in the Sound 2.0: Day One

Locarno Beach to Tantalus Landing Saturday, September 3, 12022 HE Last summer Trevor and I tried to paddle from Horseshoe Bay to Squamish (check out the details of that previous post here, “SUP’in the Sound“) for a multiday stand up paddleboard (SUP) round-trip. Unfortunately, we met stronger-than-hoped headwinds. The winds forced us to turn back just past Porteau Cove. TheContinue reading “SUP’in the Sound 2.0: Day One”

Galiano Gallery, Gabriola Island. Say what?

Tuesday, August 9, 12022 HE gallery noungal·​lery | \ ˈga-lə-rē, ˈgal-rē \plural galleriesDefinition of gallery1a: a roofed promenade : COLONNADEb: CORRIDOR sense 1 https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/gallery A year minus a day later, I find myself in the same waters. Last year, on the 10th of August, I circumnavigated Saysutshun (Newcastle Island Marine Provincial Park). After having ventured to Jáji7em and Kw’ulh Marine Provincial Park (aka. Sandy Island) on the Qualicum Beach leg of our Vancouver Island familyContinue reading “Galiano Gallery, Gabriola Island. Say what?”

Jáji7em and Kw’ulh Marine Provincial Park

Monday, August 1, 12022 HE We are on Vancouver Island again for a family vacation. We’ve done a similar trip the last couple of years. It is a great family getaway, with the added bonus that we are close to the water with many new places to explore. Yesterday we met some friends at Spider Lake and spent theContinue reading “Jáji7em and Kw’ulh Marine Provincial Park”

River of Golden Dreams

Saturday, July 2, 12022 HE Our friends, the Lee’s, recently purchased a place in Whistler, and they invited us up for the Canada Day long weekend. We met through our kids at daycare. It was amazing to see how excited the kids were to see each other and have their first sleepover (though I’m sure for some, the technical definitionContinue reading “River of Golden Dreams”