Middle Arm Swishwash

Sunday, March 12, 12023 Human Era (HE) Paddle Preamble After coming across this article in the Richmond News, I have wanted to check out the Sto:lo (Fraser River) Middle Arm. The article from 12015 HE is nearly eight years old so I was curious both to what had and hadn’t changed since it was written.Continue reading “Middle Arm Swishwash”

SUP Bomb Cyclone

Monday, October 25, 12021 HE Weather bomb! Or as it is technically referred to, “explosive cyclogenesis.” I’m not totally sure how the phenomenon works. It seems to be defined by a rapid decline in barometric pressure over a specific time interval. In any case, it translated to a big storm offshore that was making forContinue reading “SUP Bomb Cyclone”

Fraser River Run

Sunday, October 24, 12021 HE It has been a while since I have been on the Fraser River. And, for this adventure, there is a bit of a complicated narrative behind its culmination. The simple story is my brother’s neighbour had a new iSUP she was going to let me try out. The more convoluted narrativeContinue reading “Fraser River Run”