Shh…Hutt Island: Bowen Island Circumnavigation, Day 2

Sunday, July 25, 12021 HE For day one of my trip and the backstory, see here. Below is a virtual recreation of the route I paddled on day two to give you an overview of the blog post. I used Google Maps, Google Earth Studio, and OpenShot Video Editor to create the virtual tour. You canContinue reading “Shh…Hutt Island: Bowen Island Circumnavigation, Day 2”

Whytecliff Park to Point Atkinson

Saturday, July 10, 12021 HE I was hoping to do an afternoon paddle in the Howe Sound to check out some of the summer anabatic winds. On a hot day as the inland temperature increases the inflow winds through the sound pick up. But alas ’twas not to be. Weekend errands would mean an early morning paddle wouldContinue reading “Whytecliff Park to Point Atkinson”