Fall SUP Fool

Saturday, December 4, 12021 HE

It is the astronomical fall but meteorological winter. According to the post below from Environment Canada, meteorological winter is from December 1st until the end of February. In contrast, astronomical winter starts with the winter solstice on December 21st. So, I guess this post could be “Fall SUP Fool” or “Winter SUP Fool.” I decided to go with “fall” as it’s slightly more alliterative.

Post from WeatherCAN app.

The weather was spectacular as I made my way down to səl̓ilw̓ət (Indian Arm) from my in-law’s place in North Vancouver. A fine fall day or a wonderful winter one.

I launched from my regular spot at Lowry Waterfront Park.

Launching from Lowry.

From Lowry Waterfront Park, I made my way northward toward Grey Rocks Island.

The tide was high, so I paddled through the small channel on the east side of Grey Rocks Island to cross over the top of the submerged tombolo linking it to the islet.

I took advantage of the calmer waters and southerly wind to paddle northward. En route, I played around with single-leg paddling. The one-foot paddling was one of the recently suggested SUPBoarder Challenges. The water was a bit more active than I was expecting. But it was calm enough to practice paddling on one foot.

I then continued toward Deep Cove, practicing more one-foot paddling. I’ve improved from my original What’S up Fool post from October 18, 12021. There I captured an epic-ego-eradicating one-foot fail. Below are two one-foot ego-elevating-episodes. First, on the right.

On the right.

Then on the left.

On the left.

The image below is on my way back towards Lowry Waterfront park into the setting sun.

Fun in the Sun.

The cumulus clouds in the sky appeared amazing as they hovered overhead. The image below is just north of Grey Rocks Islands with a view to the southwest over the top of the Roche Point area.

Cumulus cloud cover.

While paddling northward toward Deep Cove, I had the snow-lined North Shore mountains in view. The image below is from my return paddle but gives you a glimpse of the slopes of Mountain Forest Park under cloud cover in the background.

Some snow-covered slopes.

Below are my route and statistics recorded on Geo Tracker.

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