More Four W’s for Nerds

This is more weather information to delve further into the details from my post on the “Four W’s” (weather, wind, water, and waves). Here are some further resources that I came across in my research that didn’t make the original post.

The Kurzgesagt video below explains the Gulf Stream and the global ocean conveyor belt system or more technically thermohaline circulation.

Here is a link from the UBC EOAS course Weather for Sailing, Flying & Snow Sports section on Global Wind Circulation. The video below is an additional resource cited by the course and does a great job of summarizing the global wind circulation with visuals.

This is another take on the details behind ocean currents, similar to the Kurzgesagt video above. The historic 1992 bath toy shipping incident reference is super fascinating in how it advanced the understanding of ocean currents.

And the following video is an amazing explanation of tidal force and how it affects our ocean tides on earth and tides elsewhere. I italicized “force” since the video afterward by Veritasium explains how gravity, which is explained as the cause of tides in the video below, is not a force according to Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity. Is your head spinning? Just take some time to watch the videos below to see if you can ground yourself.

And as I said above, just to blow your mind for the super nerds check out the video below on why gravity is not a force. Although maybe it is just me that is kind of floored by this, the true super nerds are likely to know this already.

For one more take on explaining what gravity is, check out the video below from But Why?

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