Afternoon Paddle Troubles: Alouette Lake

Wednesday, July 14, 12021 HE We were camping at the Gold Creek Campground at Alouette Lake in Golden Ears Provincial Park. In the morning I had explored the western shoreline from Gold Creek south towards Alouette Lake South Beach. For the afternoon we made a family trip down to North Beach. We drove over from our campground and parked at the Gold Creek Parking. We then tookContinue reading “Afternoon Paddle Troubles: Alouette Lake”

Lark Paddle: Alouette Lake

Wednesday, July 14, 12021 HE Our Family Camp 2.0 for this summer was at Alouette Lake in Golden Ears Provincial Park. Our Family Camp 1.0 was in Sasquatch Provincial Park at Deer Lake. This trip, the second one, was with my brother and his family. On the website, Alouette Lake is listed as being the ancestral lands of several indigenous tribes. According toContinue reading “Lark Paddle: Alouette Lake”

Pacific Cold Front Downwinder

Sunday, March 28, 12021 HE I had been eyeing the weekend weather forecast for a few days. My question was which days would I be able to get out for a paddle. In my mind, I had concluded that a Saturday Monday split would work best despite Sunday having the strongest winds. But with theContinue reading “Pacific Cold Front Downwinder”