Looper Moths around Raccoon Island

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Below is what my intended paddle plan was. I typically will send a copy to my wife when I am paddling solo. Here is my rationale on when and why I feel that paddling solo is safe.

Trip Plan

DATE: Sep. 6, 2020
ROUTE: Indian Arm: Deep Cove to Twin Islands (round- trip)
EST. DEP.: 06:15
EST. RET.: 08:00

Personal Info

  • TRAVELLERS: 1 (Mon Jef Peeters)
  • VEHICLE: [Colour] [Year] [Make] [Model] [License Plate]
  • PHONE: [xxx-xxx-xxxx]

It was an early morning start on a socked-in September morning. I was out on the water by 06:21. Below is the view from the parking lot at Panorama Park in Deep Cove.

Kit ready to go from Panorama Park in Deep Cove.

The waters were calm for a peaceful morning paddle. I hugged the northeastern shoreline heading up toward the Twin Islands. However, it seems that I bit off more than I could chew. I realized that they were a bit further than what I had time to accomplish this morning, so I settled on the consolation of Raccoon Island.

I circumnavigated the island before cutting back up Indian Arm toward Jug Island. I then went back across the fjord to my starting point. It was on this second crossing that it dawned on me that what I thought had been ash or a marine-like algae lichen were in fact moths. Hundreds to thousands of them scattered across the surface of the water!

Later in the day when we were hanging out in my in-laws’ garden and we were struck by how many moths were out we decided to look it up. It turns out they were Western hemlock looper moths and there was an outbreak happening.

I am glad I am not apocalyptical. Looper moths, global coronavirus pandemic, East African locust plague, murder hornets, Donald Trump. The list of catastrophes goes on and on.

Screenshot of Google Fit activity tracker.

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