My Paddling Box

I read somewhere that it is a good organizational practice to have a paddle box. A sort of grab and go bag so that if you happen to go out on a whim for a paddle you are unlikely to forget anything.

And then I found myself at Caulfeild Cove ready to go for a paddle but without my booties. I had not put the paddle box into practice yet. Fortunately, no booties was not the worst thing to forget, I had the essentials to paddle and could deal with cold feet. Luckily though I would not need to chill my toes as my paddling partner, Robin, had an extra set handy.

I had forgotten to pack my booties with the rest of my kit after cleaning and drying them from my last paddle. So, at my next opportunity, I purchased a folding crate and have slowly comprised a list of supplies for it. My only knock on the crate is it is relatively flimsy, that is, it can unfold on you if you are not carrying it. So depending on the amount of gear you are toting something sturdier may be in order. 

The other part of my system to not forget items that are being cleaned is that I keep an Evernote with a tally of what comes out of the box post-paddle so that I know what I need to restock before my next paddle. I have the list below as an Evernote with radio boxes that I can select or deselect as I add or remove items.

My paddle box with semi dry suit. Photo by Mon Jef Peeters
Some of my paddle box contents. Photo by Mon Jef Peeters.
Paddle box ready to grab and go. Photo by Mon Jef Peeters.

Paddle Box Contents

•[x]Inflatable Belt Pack PFD
•[x]Leash (straight and coiled)
•[x]Warm Gloves
•[]Cold gloves)
•[x]Warm top
•[x]Rain jacket
•[x]Semi-drysuit (Kokatat Endurance)
•[]Board shorts
•[x]Long sleeve base
•[x]Long pants base
•[x]Electrical tape
•[x]Duct tape (tight roll)
•[x]Waterproof bags
[x]cellphone lanyard
[x]waterproof camera float
[x]cellphone/electronics bag
•[x]roll down (5 L, 10 L, 2×20 L)
•[x]waist pack
•[x]VHF Marine Radio
•[x]Satellite communicator
•[]Wet clothes bag
•[]Survival kit
•[]First Aid kit
•[x]Larabar x2
•[x]Kashi bar x2
•[x]fruit leather x2
•[x]fruit snacks x2


I have yet to do a camping paddle so this is still in the planning and are items I would pack only for overnight paddles.

•[x]MEC Scully Dry 30 Duffle (thank you Santa!)
•[]Solar charger/battery pack
Goertek ?
Isis Freeloader ?
•[x]Spare fins
•[x]Spare paddle
•[]Portable pump
•[x]Camping Gear (tent, sleeping bag, cook set, stove, headlight, etc.)
•[]Bivy sack ?

Wish List Note

Santa Claus is bringing the MEC Scully Dry 30 Duffle so it is technically not part of my kit. I am on the fence as to what type of solar setup I will purchase or I may just opt for a power pack. I do have a spare pump but it is the dual-chamber Full Throttle HP6 Hand Pump so it is bulkier than what I (think I) would like for touring. I have my eye on these pumps for a potential future investment: Bravo Nano or THURSO SURF Manual Pump. Both (I think) are featured in this review as the Bravo Super from the review is the THURSO SURF Manual Pump.

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