Jug Island Deep Cove

Saturday, March 13, 12021 HE

The view from Lowry Waterfront Park towards Boulder Island.

I was able to get away for a paddle so I decided to check out Indian Arm again. Some of the very first paddlings that I ever did was in Indian Arm years ago. My wife and I rented a kayak from Cates Park Paddling Centre and paddle up the fjord to the Indian River where we camped.

This time around I departed from Lowry Waterfront Park again. It is a rocky beach but I have always had luck getting parking there with no issue. This time I got the last spot and arrived just before a family of three who was setting out to canoe. They were planning to head over to Boulder Island.

I didn’t have a set plan. It was more a paddle on a whim so I just decided to up the arm to see where I would get to. The sun was out and it was gorgeous. Unfortunately, I had failed to stock my paddle box with board shorts so I was stuck going in either underpants or my drysuit. I opted for the latter knowing full well I was going to roast. I figured I could do some riskier buoy turns and cool off with the dip in the water.

I paddled down the west coast of the fjord past Grey Rocks Island. I figured I would paddle to Quarry Rock and then check the time and make some decisions from there. I had recently seen a video where some hikers saw a pod of orcas from Quarry Rock and thought, maybe, just maybe.

Looking north up Indian Arm.

I did not run into any orcas but there were a few hikers on the rock. From there I could see Jug Island across the water so I decided to go and check it out. There was a group of paddleboarders at Jug Island Beach and a pair of kayakers in the water checking out the island.

Looking north up Indian Arm.

After a quick peek to see what was on the other side of the Cozy Cove peninsula I rounded the north side of Jug Island before heading back along the east side of the fjord.

A small bay just east of Jug Island Beach.
Looking westward with the Fannin Range in the background.
Looking north up Indian Arm from the north east tip of Jug Island.

I was more in the shade which was nice to cool off. And as I paddled back the wind was picking up and the sun was clouding over. I was now thankful that I had my semi-drysuit on. When I reached Boulder Island I crossed back to Lowry Waterfront Park. I did a few buoys turns before landing and packing up.

Looking south out of Indian Arm towards Burnaby Mountain.

My Route

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